Me & Bleu

Frustrated with not being able to find sound advice on where Blue and I could travel, I decided to create the service I always wished existed.

Erin Boyd

As an avid traveller who loves to take my dog Blue (and now my new puppy Portland) with me everywhere I go, trying to find accommodation that truly welcomes us all and is also a place I’d be happy to while away my days and nights without the dogs has been difficult at best. Spending countless hours searching for hotels that fit the bill and being led astray by many claims, I have wished for a Chien Bleu – a trustworthy, go-to source of information for exquisite hotels truly welcoming to dogs, hotels where, from the minute I walk in the door with my pups, I am immediately relaxed and at ease and

Blue (and now Portland) is showered with care. The hospitality is genuine and warm and the accommodation comfortable and inviting.

So, after years of craving for something like Chien Bleu, I decided to start it myself. Named in honour of my pup Blue, with whom all my dog-travels kicked off, my desire is to share my findings with others like me, people who are looking for a brilliant place to stay that welcomes dogs with the same enthusiasm they welcome their guests.